Why You Would Be Crazy To Miss EU UGM

By Adrienne Flatland, Managing Director, Tasman Global

By Adrienne Flatland, Managing Director, Tasman Global

European UGM is coming up this Friday and we at Tasman are getting excited. Conferences like this are the best way to spread knowledge across the broader Epic community. So many conversations start here and they can have a huge impact on you and your organization’s Epic journey. In celebration of that learning, we have put together some ways to make this a great event:

1. Meet other Epic customers who are similar to you.

It’s important to develop a network within the Epic customer community. EU UGM is the perfect place to meet people from other European hospitals - who face similar challenges, have similar questions and similar opportunities. Unlike UGM in the states, there is no need to sort through 100s of customers in a massive conference hall. EU UGM is smaller and more personal, which means you can actually meet the people you can learn from most.

Academics will likely seek out other academics and nationalized healthcare organizations will look for other nationalized healthcare groups - but have you also thought of looking for organizations who have similar goals? What about finding one that has handled one of your pain points very well?

2. Continue the conversation after UGM.

The opportunities for collaboration only start at EU UGM. Maintaining communication with the organizations you meet allows you to continue to benefit from what they have learned, while sharing what you have learned. Everyone attending is within similar time zones - you don’t need to cross an ocean to visit each other. This means you can easily arrange a call or site visit after the conference to follow up on a topic that sparked your interest. You can also become friends on the UserWeb, share content, and negotiate for Epic development together.

3. Learn from others so you don’t waste your time trying to do it the hard way.

We all know someone who spent weeks trying to figure out how to address a problem only to hear later that another Epic customer put together a solution 6 months ago. Don’t be that guy. Save time and agony by learning from those around you before you start. Both in presentations and discussions, you’ll get to hear what others are doing to address your challenges. Then you can take that newfound knowledge back to the office on Monday and impress your team.

4. See what others are doing so you stay fresh.

Technology moves quickly. How do you keep your environments in sync? Do you use spreadsheets or are you utilizing Content Management? How do you track your build? In spreadsheets or the new Orion? Have you kept your system up to date with the latest functionality?

If you aren’t staying ahead, it’s easy to fall behind. Stay informed by learning from others who are both a few steps ahead of you or newer to the Epic journey. Often times the veterans can get behind because they don’t know what’s new or recommendations have changed. New customers tend to have more, and newer, functionality turned on at go-live. They’ll be able to teach you about the functionality or tools they used to make it all happen. Picking up some of the new functionality and tools could bring big benefits to your team!

5. It’s only one day - making it more efficient than other Epic-related conferences you could attend.

No need to fly for 12 hours and waste two days with travel for XGM in the states. European UGM is one day so you don’t miss out on a week’s worth of meetings and emails and it’ll be easier to get approval from your manager. As an added bonus, you won’t be jet lagged and exhausted from a week’s worth of sessions. It’s a 12-hour jump-start. After EU UGM you’ll be re-energized and ready to tackle those emails and build tasks on Monday morning.

6. You have many opportunities to present the cool things you do.

Sure, you can present at XGM or UGM in the States, but then your presentation needs to appeal to a global audience and pass review by Epic application committees. Not to mention you’re competing with 100s of other Epic customers for a chance at the podium. European UGM is your chance to share regional or EU-specific workflow solutions that really matter but get less focus in the States. It’s also a great way to test out a presentation you want to share next year at UGM in Verona, but don’t feel quite ready for yet.

7. Meet experts who have done it before who can help you achieve your goals.

Come talk with us. Are you looking to see who has implemented certain functionality before? Are you thinking about implementing a new module, and want to talk to someone who has done it? There will be plenty of people with previous Epic expertise, including some of our very own Tasman advisors.

Discussing your challenges and opportunities with a range of people who have implemented Epic before gives you a broader sense of your options. People with implementation expertise across a number of organizations, like our Tasman advisors, often can tell you the impacts of some of your most difficult problems. We’re happy to share our lessons learned or connect you with the people who have the answers you need.