Reflections from Euro-UGM: Creating a Truly Epic European Network

By Steve Lewis, Account Management, Tasman Global

By Steve Lewis, Account Management, Tasman Global

Last week, a few of us at Tasman were able to attend the European UGM at UMCG in Groningen. It was a fantastic opportunity to see the Epic transformation happening across Europe. Being able to connect with such a diverse group of healthcare organizations was a great experience. Everyone was united in their goal to create safer, healthier, and happier patients with Epic. So much experience exists across these organizations. Forums like this exist as a valuable tool to share stories and lessons learned – to the benefit of all.

A number of amazing topics were presented. Organizations shared valuable lessons learned like how to make an ongoing training program successful (Spaarne Gasthuis), how to harness SmartTools for efficient nuclear medicine reporting (UMCG), and how physician builders can help shape a better system (MCL). The great part about each of these initiatives is how many options are out there to better your own system. Taking even one of these examples can make a huge difference at your organization.

Additionally, three hospitals shared their journey and the value they saw in achieving HIMSS stage 7. The most important part these presentations highlighted was how the goals of HIMSS align with their hospitals' overall safety and quality goals. Stage 7 became another lens through which to review their processes and was good value for minimal investment.

One of the great developments this year was how this forum became all-European. While there was still a dominant Dutch feel, the group was able to appreciate and learn from the differences that each country and culture brought to the table. One particularly interesting presentation was from Apotti (Finland), which is the first organization to support a population's well-being using Epic for both health care and social care. While some of these learnings may not be immediately relevant in all countries, as the newer implementations go-live and mature, the learning and sharing opportunities will grow significantly.