An Interview With Tasman's Senior Advisor, Greg Jenkins

Canals of Amsterdam, where Greg lives and where Tasman is based

Canals of Amsterdam, where Greg lives and where Tasman is based

Greg Jenkins, one of our advisors working in the Netherlands, is celebrating his two-year anniversary here at Tasman. We felt that this was a great opportunity to talk to him about his experience at Tasman and working abroad. Without hesitation, Greg took the time to discuss his time with us.

Where are you from?

Laconia, New Hampshire, United States

Is this your first experience working abroad?

No - I worked in London for two years prior. 

What is the most enjoyable thing about being in the Netherlands?

I’ve cycled everywhere my entire life. It’s extremely nice to live in an area where this is so integrated into the culture. Additionally, being in Amsterdam, there’s always a lot going on in terms of music, food, festivals and activities. 

Where have you found your biggest challenge?

Learning to speak Dutch certainly takes a lot of work and practice. It’s coming along fairly well though. 

How would you compare the Dutch work culture to that of the United States?

More personal. There’s less direct management involvement in structuring your day to day routine. It feels more like a family than a company. 

Can you describe a quintessential Dutch moment you’ve had?

I ate guacamole mixed with mayonnaise the other day. I wouldn’t recommend it, but adding mayo to everything is pretty Dutch.

If you could put into words the intangibles of being here, what would they be?

There’s a really nice vibe to the cities here. I feel completely comfortable and at ease in Amsterdam and have since I arrived.

Have you traveled much since being here? Where have you gone?

I’ve traveled extensively over western and central Europe. I met my girlfriend here and had the opportunity to go down to South Africa with her to visit her friends and family.

How would you like to describe your experience to future Tasman advisors?

It has been wonderful. Working with a small company you have a personal relationship with everyone in it. You feel genuinely heard.

What advice would you give to future Tasman advisors?

Working and living in another culture is great. It will help you realize how little most changes matter. You can succeed anywhere as long as you embrace it. 

Who would you recommend this experience to?

I’d recommend it to anyone considering it. It’s one of the better decisions that I’ve ever made.


If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities available at Tasman, do not hesitate to reach out or send along your resume. We are always looking for individuals who are ready to make the move into international consulting.