Introducing Tasman Blogs

By Adrienne Flatland, Managing Director, Tasman Global

By Adrienne Flatland, Managing Director, Tasman Global

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to the first installment of the Tasman blog. This year we are launching new services for our healthcare partners and we want a forum where we can share some of our expertise on different healthcare IT topics; this is that place. It is always our intention to share knowledge and spur discussion, so please feel free to jump right in with us.

Here are some things we are looking forward to in this next year:

International Epic Installs

Epic continues to expand internationally, and the outcome of these installs vary wildly. It has always been our contention that you can have a successful Go-Live without breaking the bank, but you need experienced Epic operators on your team to help lead the way. Tasman’s Epic consultants have the most experience on the international market and this year they’ll be sharing some of that experience right here at the Tasman Group blog.


It is no secret that cybersecurity is the hot topic in today’s IT world and that certainly applies to healthcare IT. While over 90% of hospital CEOs intend to invest heavily in cybersecurity this year1, the main question they have is, “Where do we find people who actually know what they are talking about”. Well, we are applying our EMR philosophy to cybersecurity and are bringing in the best minds and talent to provide their experience to our healthcare partners.

Leading our Cybersecurity Group is Randy Rose, a 15-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry, most recently as the Deputy Intelligence Officer for the US Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC). In this space, he will be highlighting ways in which healthcare organizations, both large and small, can manage and mitigate their security risks without the need to blow up their budgets with expensive “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Big data. Too much data?

One of the valuable by-products of having a world-class EMR is all that beautiful data at your fingertips. However, it is very easy to succumb to data overload. We will be exploring different strategies and tools which our healthcare partners can use to leverage all that data to improve care and maximize budgets.

2017 was a wonderful year for our industry and we hope you’ll join us in helping to make 2018 even better. See you next time!