We're passionate about improving healthcare IT worldwide. 


We've Done This Before.

Tasman consultants are ready to support you on day one. We are former Epic employees and founding members of Epic's first international installs in the Middle East and Europe. While you may spend weeks or months bringing other consultants up to speed, ours have the background to deal with the complexities of your international implementation. 


Your Health System, Your Patients, Your Country. 

Tasman advisors understand that new healthcare IT initiatives create difficult challenges. We partner with you to create the best solutions - tailored for your health system, your patients and your country. We provide innovative, multilingual solutions and services to address your unique project challenges. 


Solutions That Make the Difference



Our team can help you ensure your system is set up for your organization and your country’s specific needs.



Projects can be difficult.  Our team has experience leading and executing projects around the world.



Ensuring the whole IT structure of the organization works together can be challenging.  Our team can help with even the most complicated integrations.