Solutions & Services

We Specialize in applying innovative approaches to international implementations, ongoing maintenance, and training.  Our specialized team can provide you with the knowledge to help you and your organization navigate your EMR implementation. Our team members, on average, have 6 Epic certifications and over 6 years of Epic implementation experience with 8 Epic organizations.


project Management

Healthcare IT projects have very specific project needs.  Our advisors have experience across multiple organizations, ensuring they have the skillset to lead your team towards success.


Workflow Design & Integration

International workflows can be challenging to define.  Standard workflows in the system are not always the standard in your region.  We can help make sure it feels like the system was built just for your organization.


Technical Support and Maintenance

Just because you went live does not mean that the system works as well as it could.  Our team can help you continue to develop the system to the needs of your users.




International implementations often mean working in multiple languages.  We can help you find advisors with local language expertise, craft training materials, and develop a system that is ready to speak to your end users and patients in their own language.


Systems Integration

Our advisors can help ensure that your systems are set up to transfer the information necessary for your operations.



Go-Live Support

You have the system ready.  You have your teams in place.  However, sometimes you just need more help.  We can help you add the support necessary to make this go-live successful.